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No Freddy the Fog again!?!

Posted June 27, 2012
As usual, Fred Shero was not voted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. I certainly am not surprised by this since I don't think they'll ever enshrine Fred into the Hall of Fame. I heard there are some people highly opposed to his enshrinement. I guess it has to do with the whole "Broad Street Bullies" era of the Flyers. I was a small kid at the time and don't remember a lot of the games during th... Read More »
It is easy to say the Flyers should go after Bobby Ryan or sign Zack Parise but it certainly isn't that easy. Would these players make an impact with the team? Certainly, but it comes at a price. If the Flyers sign Parise, it may preclude them from signing anyone else of significance. With few salary cap money left (depending on the new cap number), they still need to resign Carle and should ad... Read More »


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