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I am not trying to lend credence to any unverified rumors, but in anticipation of working a double shift tomorrow with no access to any hockey news, I wanted to put my thoughts on these “reports” out there.

I would be ecstatic if both were signed. If I had to pick one: Suter. I haven’t found a single intelligently formed dissenting opinion, so that’s enough on those two.

Rick Nash
To start with, I personally don’t believe the Wings are in serious discussion with the Blue Jackets to acquire the services of Rick Nash. In case I’m wrong about that statement, I’m still standing with I don’t think the Wings should be in serious discussion with the Blue Jackets to acquire the services of Rick Nash. He’s a talented goal scorer, but the price is just too high.

If Scott Howson could be convinced to relinquish him for a pick, a (a = single) prospect, and the satisfaction of clearing up a lot of cap space, then I’d say go for it. Until then, the Wings should look to fill their scoring needs in free agency.

Alex Semin
There are entirely too many people clamoring for the Wings to sign Alex Semin. Wish I could go back and do a little research, find out if these are the same people calling for Franzen to be traded every time he hits a cold streak. Franzen’s scoring touch may be a question mark on any given night, but it’s not for a lack of effort. Can’t really say the same for Semin.

With that being said, Alex has cited wanting an increased role as part of his decision to not return to Washington. I don’t see the Wings throwing him on the PK, and I think there are more consistent scorers available.

Shane Doan

Solid plan B. Proven goal scorer, could provide a level of grit missing from our top 6, great work ethic. And let’s face it; he isn’t likely to sign with anyone until Parise does, so if we miss out on that one, Shane Doan would be a logical next step. Shane Doan would be a good fit with the Detroit Red Wings’ culture.
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