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That Magic Moment

Posted July 2, 2012
The moment has finally arrived. The moment when Ryan Suter, or Zach Parise, or possibly both, announce the teams that they will likely finish up their careers with, barring any future trades. As I refreshed the NHL.com list of free agent signings, a screen I hadn’t seen before appeared. No longer was the spreadsheet style list, but an error message in its place. Network trouble, timeouts, it... Read More »

Guess I Was Wrong

Posted July 1, 2012
In the first cheer-worthy move of the day, the Wings have brought back Mikael Samuelsson. Again, I’ve already said that I liked Monster’s signing, but he’s more of a stocking stuffer since I expect Joey MacDonald to put up a serious fight for the number two gig. Okay, so this guy is probably a stocking stuffer, too, but let’s call him a fan favorite. I liked Samuelsson in his first stin... Read More »
I am not trying to lend credence to any unverified rumors, but in anticipation of working a double shift tomorrow with no access to any hockey news, I wanted to put my thoughts on these “reports” out there. [b]Parise/Suter[/b] I would be ecstatic if both were signed. If I had to pick one: Suter. I haven’t found a single intelligently formed dissenting... Read More »

A Word on Justin Schultz

Posted July 1, 2012
I am neither surprised nor offended that Schultz did not sign with the Red Wings. Already being coined by some as the best player not playing in the NHL, it really wouldn’t make sense to sign with a team that would promptly ship him off to the AHL. We all know how long Kenny likes to develop his players (and I’m certainly not complaining about that), so I never even bothered to draw him into... Read More »
Relax, this is just a little trick I picked up in Colorado. In what could be the oddest news of the opening day of NHL free agency, the Avalanche and the Islanders have both signed Matt Carkner. Unfortunately, Gary Bettman has ruled that two teams cannot share a player, and since Matt Carkner only actually signed with New York, they get him. An interesting tactic, though, these guys spend 82 ga... Read More »


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