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Memorial Cup 2007 memories

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First and foremost congratulation to the Vancouver Giants on winning the 2007 Master Card Memorial Cup, and also a big round of applause to the 3 other teams that competed for the title the Medicine Hat Tigers, Plymouth Whalers and the Lewiston Maineiacs.

For those who do not follow Jr. Hockey the Memorial Cup is a very difficult championship to win. The CHL consists of 59 teams (next season they will have 60 with the Edmonton Oil Kings joining the WHL.) The CHL is broken down into 3 leagues the QMJHL, OHL, and WHL. Each league has a 4 round playoff system just like the NHL and the champions of each league become their leagues representatives at the Memorial Cup as well as the host city gets an invite as well. Once the teams are set, they will play each other 1 time and after those 6 games the first place team advances right to the finals and the 2nd and 3rd play in the semi-final with winner to advance, ocassionally there is a need for a tie breaker game. So in the end you are playing the best of each league in order to win this trophy, and keep in mind these are 16-19 year olds.

For the past some odd years I have been following the Memorial Cup via the internet with audio streams and the occasional video streams, and living in the States I used to have no one who I could share my excitment of the Memorial Cup with until now. Thanks to the hockeybuzz chatroom, I was able to find fans that were just as passionate about it as I was. A fellow Bostonian like myself, a New Yorker, the legendary Scoop from Philly and a couple of Canadian who were lucky enough to enjoy it on TV and could tell us how good a save was or how nice a goal was and such things. We would gather in the chatroom and listen to the Vancouver Giants broadcast with Joey Kenward, much has been written the last few weeks about Joey and all is 100% true, listeneing to his broadcast puts you in the arena. I can honestly say everyone is the chatroom and a great time while the games were on, just as we do while any other game is on.

Again congratulations to the Vancouver Giants on winning as well as all the other teams that competed. Looking forward to next season where hopefully more chatters will join in on the fun and excitment.
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May 28, 2007 12:04 PM ET | Delete
Great Blog! It's sad that it's over already, but so great that it ended with a great outcome.
May 28, 2007 2:05 PM ET | Delete
I completely agree re difficulty. I'll go even further: the MC is tougher to win than the Stanley Cup. Teams from all over Canada and the US, young kids, no warm-weather patsies, grueling travel,etc.And I also agree it was a blast listening with you and the rest of the folks!
May 28, 2007 5:04 PM ET | Delete
Terrific blog, BB. As you know i have been to more that 3,000 games in person over the past four decades, but I don't think I enjoyed any one of those more than I did being in the chatroom for every Giants' post season game with our little group! Listenting to Joey call yesterday's MC title game and sharing that with the chatters was as good as being there....maybe evan a little better! Let me know what you find out about the MC DVD set. And GO GIANTS GO...in 2008!!!
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