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The NHL's self-loathing

Posted June 14, 2007
Versus, the NHL's premier broadcast "partner"in the US, has seen fit to delay the Awards Show broadcast until 11:00 PM tonight. This so they can televise a bunch of gang-bangers in pajamas kicking each other in what resembles a large playpen. Is there no limit to the league's self-loathing? How can they allow these continued slights? Are they incompetent, or is there some deep-seated feeling... Read More »
My devotion to the Vancouver Giants of the WHL is new. I’ve come to realize recently that it’s a selfish act, because my new hobby permits me three of my favorite indulgences. First: It represents yet another excuse to interact with the lively swarm of personalities on HockeyBuzz chat in ways I didn’t think that simple typing allowed. A work-at-home developer in Somewhere, Illi... Read More »

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