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[b]Happy congratulations to Billy Guerin, Philippe Boucher, and the newly crowned Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburg Penguins!!![/b] I'm sincerely happy for Billy G. and Philippe Boucher, as they both spent several quality years here with the Dallas Stars. As a rookie with the New Jersey Devils in 1995, Guerin raised his first Cup at the age of 24. Tonight, 14 years later, he raised the Cup a secon... Read More »
Whether it be Pierre's and Milbury's red ties in game 5 and Milbury's red tie tonight. Or Pierre's and Olczyk's MULTIPLE assessments on the NUMEROUS times the Penguins should have been called for interference, or that the Red Wings should not have been called. Or them belaboring Malkin's cross check on Filppula when, a millisecond before, Kronwall planted [Fedotenko?]'s face into the glass. The... Read More »

My Picks ............ might as well

Posted April 30, 2009
Before the season began I had these teams making the playoffs: Stars, [b]Red Wings[/b], [b]Sharks[/b], [b]Ducks[/b], [b]Flames[/b], Oilers, [b]Blackhawks[/b], Wild, [b]Penguins[/b], [b]Capitals[/b], [b]Devils[/b], [b]Rangers[/b], [b]Canadiens[/b], [b]Flyers[/b], Lightening, and Sabres. I didn't even have the Bruins making the playoffs ... LOL! Before the playoffs started these were my 1st rou... Read More »
I have never seen that in my life! 2 goals in the final 1:20 to advance to the next round instead of the golf course. Crazy! What effort by Gleason to keep the puck in for Jokinen to tie it ... and Staal has been simply incredible the entire series. TWO teams come back from 3-1 series deficits to win the series. That should change some percentages a bit. GREAT NIGHT OF PLAYOFF HOCKEY! (... Read More »
Gonna be a long night since its obvious the league is really "hoping" for a game 7. Three penalties in the first 10 minutes. The directive has been issued! Ducks better really play smart and strong. Make that 4 -2 . . . Oops! Looks like the Ducks were prepared. But its far from over. I can hear Bettman screaming from here! Read More »

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Favorite Teams

Dallas STARS, Pittsburg Penguins, Washington Capitals

Most Hated Teams

In order...Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings, Anahiem Ducks, San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks

Favorite Players

Modano, Crosby, Guerin, Zetterberg, Daytsuk, St. Louis, Lecavalier, Sakic, Thornton, Malkin, Zubov, Morrow, Turco, Robidas, Ovechkin, Lehtinen, Forsberg, Carter, Richards, Gagne, Hagman, Semin, Green,

Most Hated Players

Avery, Laperierre, Tootoo, Neil, Rivet, Cheechoo, Kunitz, Schneider, Draper, Maltby, Drake

Best Hockey Memories

THREE GAME 6's AT HOME VS. DUCKS, SHARKS, and RED WINGS DURING MAGICAL 2008 PLAYOFF RUN! (and every home playoff game including the epic 4OT winner!); June 1999; Modano's 500th goal; Modano's 503rd goal; both game 7's in Dallas, vs. Colorado, for a trip to the finals; Modano becoming the All-Time American Goal-Scorer and Points-Scorer

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Dallasstars.com, NHL.com, hockeybuzz.com,