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Rangers First Report Card

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I know it’s still early for any serious evaluations and assessments and for that the Rangers should consider themselves lucky they still have some time to turn things around. However, I’ve decided to give brief evaluations on each of the Rangers players after every ten games throughout the year and track the team’s progress. So here is a brief comment on each players first ten games with the exception of Sean Avery and Thomas Pock who haven’t yet played enough to merit any
analysis. Hopefully in ten games from now we can reassess the team and see some much needed improvement. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my assessments.

Record 3-6-1 (13th in the East, 4th in the Atlantic)
(Home : 3-2-0, Away: 0-4-1)

Last Ten Game Results

1) vs. Panthers W 5-2 6) @ Thrashers L 5-3
2) @ Senators L 2-0 7) @ Bruins L 1-0
3) @ Islanders L 2-1 8) @ Penguins L 1-0
4) vs. Capitals W 3-1 9) vs. Devils W 2-0
5) vs. Senators L 3-1 10) vs. Leafs L 4-1

Top Scorers
*Current League Leader Amount

Goals: Jaromir Jagr (2) (*10)
Assists: Jaromir Jagr (7) (*12)
Points: Jaromir Jagr (9) (*20)
+/-: Marcel Hossa (+2) (*+12)

Power Play 13% (24th in the League)

Penalty Kill
88% (6th in the League)

Next Ten Games

1) Oct. 29 vs. Lightning 6) Nov. 8 vs. Penguins
2) Nov.1 vs. Capitals 7) Nov. 10 @ Leafs
3) Nov. 3 vs. Devils 8) Nov. 14 @ Devils
4) Nov. 5 vs. Flyers 9) Nov. 15 @ Flyers
5) Nov. 6 @ Islanders 10)Nov. 17 @ Penguins


Tom Renney
- Has the team playing a sound defensive game but he needs to demonstrate more trust and patience with his forward lines. The team is in a scoring drought but changing lines around every game (even every period) can’t be helping.


Henrik Lundquist
- Has been excellent so far, but he has to be getting frustrated by him teams inability to score. At this rate he could become a Vezina candidate with a winning percentage south of five hundred.


Jaromir Jagr
- Has started to show glimpses of last years “play off Jag”r by skating well with the puck and back checking. However, he is clearly becoming frustrated with the team’s inability to score. This is where he has to step up and act as a Captain and not a superstar player waiting for someone else to take the heat.

Scott Gomez
- Has great speed but his puck handling ability seems to be careless at times and often causes him to turn the puck over in the neutral zone or in the Rangers end.

Marcel Hossa
- Has been strong on the puck and good defensively but he will need to take his offensive game to another level if he’s going to play on the top line.

Brendan Shanahan
- Is obviously frustrated by his lack of goal scoring and its forcing him to take too many low percentage shots from the perimeter. He needs to go to the net and look for garbage goals rather than depend on big blasts from the outside. He has looked very good on the penalty kill though.

Chris Drury
- There are moments when I feel Drury is excellent, but these moments are usually on the defensive side of the puck or when he’s killing a penalty. In the offensive zone on the power play and at five on five he’s been invisible.

Nigel Dawes
- Has been one of the few bright spots so far this season. He’s shown he can be aggressive on the forecheck and has the ability to create solid scoring chances. If he can continue to play to the level he has demonstrated the past few games it should merit him regular admission into the lineup for the remainder of the season.

Brandon Dubinsky
- Has shown signs of improvement throughout the year and looks to be coming more comfortable carrying the puck and making plays.

Peter Prucha
- It would be nice to see Prucha given a larger role on one of the scoring lines to see his true offensive capabilities. However, the few scoring chances he has had he has failed to capitalize on. Still manages to work hard game in and game out.

Ryan Callahan
- He is becoming a solid two way player. Hopefully his injury doesn’t hamper his development too much.

Blair Betts
- Has been excellent killing penalties and has even managed to create some decent scoring chances in the first few games. He is excellent as a fourth line centre but he does not have the offensive ability to take on a larger role.

Ryan Hollweg
- Continues to make big checks and works well as an energy player , but he can’t handle more than a few minutes a game. Thankfully that’s all he should be needed to do.

Colton Orr
- Has improved his skating and forechecking ability, but he needs to use better judgment on when to act as the enforcer. He is one of the toughest in the league but he at times seems to forget to act as more of an intimidating force. Case in point was against Toronto. With Belak out of the lineup, Orr and Hollweg should have been licking their chops from the get go and intimidated the Leafs; many of whom were young call ups.

Marek Malik
- Was awful at the beginning but has been much better lately. He is at his best on the penalty kill and he can make a good first pass if he’s not pressured but he is still prone to costly turnovers at times. He would be much more affective in a smaller role not on the top pairing.

Michael Rozsival
- This was supposed to be his break out year after a strong play off showing and being in a contract year. However, he had a slow start and is only starting to show signs of his true abilities. May not have enough talent to be the top pairing defensemen that the Rangers need him to be.

Marc Staal
- As a rookie playing a difficult position I think he has started to make vast improvements. Rangers management has to be happy with his development to this point.

Paul Mara
- Is not a bad second or third pairing defensemen and he does add a bit of toughness to a young inexperienced D corps. However, for $3 mill a season the Rangers need Mara to become more of an offensive threat with a big shot.

Daniel Girardi
- Has been excellent so far. He was a great call up last year but this year he seems to have more confidence and has been more physical. He has been the Rangers best blue liner to this point.

Fedor Tyutin
- Has been solid to this point and plays very well with Girardi. It would be nice to see him given more of an offensive opportunity on the power play.

Jason Strudwick
- Is an adequate seventh defensemen or fourth line winger. He doesn’t have very much skill, but the toughness and work ethic he demonstrates within the small role he’s given usually help to omit him as a liability.

See you all in ten games... hopefully with a more positive critique!
October 29, 2007 4:36 AM ET | Delete
Just about Drury...your assessment seems to match the Drury of the Sabres. He's nothing flashy offensive, but he can definitely PK and be defensively sound. Why he got so much $$$ I'm not sure...other than the fact he always seems to come up in the clutch, especially in the playoffs... But if he was given that $$ for his offense, then it's a joke.
October 29, 2007 8:30 AM ET | Delete
Dubinsky looks great earning a spot as the 3rd line center. Quick fast
October 29, 2007 12:15 PM ET | Delete
I think Drury was given that money because of his leadership and clutchness. He's probably the next captain. I don't want to get into an argument over the new signings, but market value is what it is.
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