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Sweet Vindication

Posted 12:11 AM ET | Comments 1
Again, the Sabres' special teams are a collective no-show. Senators were in complete control of what little of the game I saw(about the last 15 minute). And, if you'll remember, I called this plus another win yesterday... ;-)

And Thursday night the Buffalo Sabres and Stanley Cup will not be mentioned in the same sentence again until October.

With 10:22 left in the first OT, Vancouver and MH are still tied, 2-2, but the G-men have outshot the Tabbys 24-17. Franson is out again.
The only thing that really matters in this game is pride, despite the fact that it's OT of Game Seven of the WHL Championship. Both of these teams are going to the Memorial Cup and will play each other again, so they'll be able to settle the score once and for all then.
May 15, 2007 11:50 AM ET | Delete
Why so many short blogs blasting the Sabres? I disagree with you, and I hope I am right. I was looking forward to a long hard fought series. Just a question, are you enjoying the misery of the Sabres collapse in order to make you feel better that your team has never even won a playoff series?
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