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"I want you to get familiar with Market Street just on the other side of (Scottrade Center). Because you'll need to know where to bring the Stanley Cup when we win it."
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State of the Bluenote

Posted April 4, 2008
Well here we are at the end of a rollercoaster season. A season with a lot of promise built around our future stars, the signing of Paul Kariya, and a strong finish from the year before. The Blues started off hot thanks to the all-star play of Manny Legace and everyone felt the Blues were on their way back to the playoffs. Blues hockey was back in full force in St. Louis as Brad Boyes was becoming... Read More »

How Much Does a Coach Help?

Posted May 17, 2007
Before this year I thought a coach’s impact was minimal. Sure he could design a system and give great pep talks, but it was up to the players on the ice to execute. Then along came the day of December 12, 2006. The Blues were scheduled to play the Blackhawks that night and it was announced that Andy Murray would be taking over the vacant head coach position for the Blues. Murray did not even kno... Read More »


Posted May 7, 2007
During the 2005-2006 season, or as us Blues fans called it, Hell, there were few bright spots. One of those shining moments came after sending off Mike Sillinger and Doug Weight; the Blues without their top two point producers put together their best stretch of games all year. During that stretch an OT defeat of the mighty Calgary Flames brought forth a new name to the city of St. Louis, Lee Stemp... Read More »

Where have the Blackhawks gone?

Posted April 20, 2007
For the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying the spectacle known as the NHL playoffs. As a Blues fan and only 24 years old, last year was the first time I have ever watched the post season without my team. The second time around has been a little easier since I know bright things are on the horizon. While our ownership has the people of St. Louis happy, the same can not be said about our old... Read More »

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The retirement ceremonies of Al MacInnis and Brett Hull and the game after MacInnis', not so much after Hull's.

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