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"10 Minute Misconduct"
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Why You Should Pass on Being Giroux's RW
Actually a joke as many players would kill to play with such an elite player but this year G's right wingers have been having some serious bad luck. First Hartnell breaks his foot and now earlier this week in an intense rivalry game with the Pens, Matt Read tore rib muscles and is out for 6 weeks. Injuries in general are plaguing this team and there begs the question how many are hurt and playing through the pain?

Offense Still Needs Work

To start the week the offense erupted on Long Island en route to a 7-0 beatdown of the Isles. They then proceeded to score 6 on the Pens but were held to only 2 goals by the lowly Panthers and Scott Clemenson. This offense needs to find its secondary scoring. Giroux, Voracek, Simmonds and Brayden Schenn are scoring but Couturier, Talbot, Briere, Fedetenko and Knuble need to contribute more on the stat sheet. Couturier and Briere are to players who shouldn't be secondary scoring options but right now they are due to their play. Currently, Talbot is still searching for his 1st goal after a big seasons last year. He is a player the Flyers desperately need to get going. A shorthanded goal here, and grinding-rebound-effort goal there and so many games this season go the other way.

For the Flyers to go on a big win streak and make a strong playoff push, these players will be key over the next 10-12 games.

Lost in Space

Ilya Bryzgalov has been much better this year for the Flyers than he was in his first campaign with the team. That being said he also has to share some blame for the teams below .500 record. While he has played well on most nights (has been pulled twice though) he needs to begin to steal games. If he is being payed this much money and counted on as much as he is, those BIG saves need to start happening. No more excuses about bad D or lack of scoring, Winning teams get great goaltending and win games because their goalie. Bryz has had only one of those games so far this year and it was a 2-1 W over the Rangers early on. Not saying every game he needs to be incredible but there are games where he has to go in with the mind set that nothing can get by him for his team.

Weekend Predictions

Tonight the Adirondack Phantoms are in town, hosting the W-B Pens. Should be a good match up as the Phantoms return to what promises to be a very raucous crowd.
Phantoms-3 WBPens-2 (OT-Shootout)

On to the Flyers:
A matinee matchup with the Jets offers some redemption after a disappointing game vs the Panthers. I think we will see some anger taken out on the Jets and the Flyers come away with a much needed W. Hopefully this game can spring the team on to a big streak and put them right in the mix for the playoffs as the seasons midway point approaches.
Flyers-5 Jets-1

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