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"10 Minute Misconduct"
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Time to re-cast another hockey movie using current NHL players and coaches. Today were going to take a swing at the 1986 junior hockey, coming of age tale, Youngblood, which featured Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. Oh and how could we forget the bumbling French Canadian goalie portrayed by Keeanu Reeves.

Time to drop the puck on this:

Dean Youngblood
who from today's NHL can match-up to Rob Lowe's great standards of an American farm boy who goes off to play junior hockey in Canada only to be faced with the realization he's not quite tough enough to hang yet (well, until he does a fight-training montage in the family barn back home). I feel this honor needs to go to Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks. For the past few years Kane had a reputation of being immature and needing to work on his game. The 2012 offseason was littered with controversy and many local and national hockey pundits calling for the Blackhawks to scalp Kane and ship him out to another team. After the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs there is no more questioning whether this kid can handle the limelight. Kane put up absurd numbers in the postseason and was a catalyst in leading to another Stanley Cup parade in the Windy City. While he did not have an iconic stick jousting match to end a game, Kane battled his own personal demons to reclaim himself as one of hockey's brightest young stars.

Derek Sutton
The too-old for the game captain who takes the rookie under his wing, Patrick Swayze. In the movie Swayze's character is a guy on his way out and stuck at a crossroads with his playing career while still putting up very good numbers. This current NHL honor will be bestowed upon Patrick Marleau. The embattled Shark has faced years of controversy for not being as good as the analysts think he should be (looking at you Roenick). Even through all of this Marleau has been a very consistent player who has at times been able to put San Jose on his back with playmaking and leadership. He is very similar to Sutton in the sense they are both chasing a championship that may never come and their careers are slowly beginning to fade in front of them.

The villain of the hockey world. An enforcer with skill, a man who can smash you over the head with a stick or gouge your eye out and not care one bit. The player most deserving of this (need skill to apply) is Corey Perry of the Ducks. Perry is one tough sonuva female dog on the ice. He plays with a razor sharp edge and often crosses that line. He will elbow you in the face, stomp your leg, spray your goalie and then score on you with a perfect shot. He brings a lot of elements to the game Racki did in the movie, minus the whole swinging a stick in your face trying to carve your eye out. Who else couldn't see Perry going up to a player like Stamkos or Crosby and saying "wanna go pretty boy?"

Jessie Chadwick
I think the only appropriate candidate for this job is Paulina Gretzky.

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