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Well All Its #2 for the blogs we will now discuss why the Leafs actually need a Senior advisor!

the Maple Leaf organization is one filled with Red tape, hurdles, obstacles and over protective micro manging higher managment.

Richard Petty heads up one of the most successful brands in Canada. Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). A brand which has its own tv (Leafs TV, Raptors TV), A condo development (Close to the Air Canada Center), a Hockey Team (Leafs the most profitable team in the NHL), a basketball team (Raptors now finding their way since the hiring of Brian Colangeo), A Soccer team (Toronto FC part of Major League Soccer), a AHL team (Toronto Marlies lost a bundle last year). Add to that the management of a bunch of Hockey arena's.

He has the backing of the Ontario teachers Retirement Fund (Majority owner) and the Business skills to Carry MLSE into More profits.

Now he has shown his Hockey and Basketball sense = less then Zero. Until he hired Brian Colangeo to run basketball, Mr Colangeo has freedom to run the raptors. He sinks or swims on his own.. At this time he is close to walking on water. Now we go back to the Leafs. John Ferguson Junior general manager who must have each major move he does scrutinized and decided on by the Board. He has been given a tight leash with no flexibility..

JFJ has not shown he can be a General Manager in this league. Why you say.. well the reasons can be found in the pudding. When he took over from pat quinn in a era were The Leafs over spent on older players, and in the pre cap world had a budget close to the Blue jays. He learned the game by being micro maneged by Peddie and the Board, he learned while having to answer to people who never game him a chance (Tannenbaum) and he learned never to make a move unless peddie or the board ok'd it.

Now that I have given light to some of the issues we get into the senior Advisor.
If the leafs can bring in a grey beard with hockey sense and knowledge one who JFJ will answer to one who will give him the rope and allow him to use it or hang with it. one who can explain why to peddie and the Board and one which Tannenbaum will approve of so as to remove the friction of having a lame duck GM.

A senior advisor can be used to fight the fight with the board. Allow JFJ to sign the players he wants with little pressure to bring back a player who may be past his prime. Someone who can as well take some stress and work load of JFJ while he goes threw this very difficult family time.

What is needed in a senior advisor is someone who wont take any crap, will stand up for the GM and the plan. one who will be able to advise JFJ so as to allow JFJ to bounce ideas and plans off of.

What the Leafs need and what the leafs get will most likely be different but we can hope the appropriate person and be found and brought on board.

JFJ has done his share of good and bad. Time will tell weather he was good or bad.
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