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"Hockey Rumour Sites and why we Frequent them"
barrie, ON • Canada • 41 Years Old • Male
Well as most Canadians may know. Especially those who follow hockey religiously.

The Politicians have way-ed into Team Canada Hockey Decisions.

Shane Doan has unproven allegations against him that in 2005 he uttered a racial slur
"F******g Frenchman did a good job" in reference to the all French Officiating staff who were working that night.
Now this is one persons word against another.. Nothing has been proven. Every person who has spoken up for doan says he is a devoted catholic and does not swear and most people around him watch what they say as they respect him utterly.
No this still boils down to one person saying he did it and one saying he didn't.
Proof that's it one word against another.. which leaves what a reasonable doubt. Therefore is their proof?
Shane Doan is a highly respected hockey player and leader. Has always accepted the offer to play for Canada. his team mates respect and follow him.

Now we watch the people we have voted into represent us ask team Canada officials to defend their actions.. Why because it is alleged Doan uttered racial slurs. (alleged people) so because of that he shouldn't be capt.. Where was the need to justify Team Canada's actions to appoint Todd Bertuzzi to them team for the Olympics? At least their was proof then.. and the one main thing their was public outcry.. At this time I only hear the politicians calling for this not the people.. So why?

Lets keep the politicians out of the game we love. I don't know to many people who voted for people on their Hockey Platform..

I would ask that the politicians sit down and discuss more pressing issues. Like the fiscal with the "Kyoto" or green plan as that is what we want from you.. not screwing with Hockey...

Ahh rant done and away.

Next up unsure but coming soon LOL
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