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How stupid are the flyers fans

Posted March 7, 2010
Ok nothing more stupid then Flyers fans cheering USA USA USA USA USA in the middle of a game vs the maple leafs.. Why .. well seeing as the flyers have more high caliber Canadians then the leafs.. actually the leafs have more high end US players. just tells me the fans in philly just arent very smart. Dont get me wrong the leafs suck. And are their own demise.. but dam i am glad our fans aren't a... Read More »
Well All Its #2 for the blogs we will now discuss why the Leafs actually need a Senior advisor! the Maple Leaf organization is one filled with Red tape, hurdles, obstacles and over protective micro manging higher managment. Richard Petty heads up one of the most successful brands in Canada. Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). A brand which has its own tv (Leafs TV, Raptors... Read More »
Well as most Canadians may know. Especially those who follow hockey religiously. The Politicians have way-ed into Team Canada Hockey Decisions. Shane Doan has unproven allegations against him that in 2005 he uttered a racial slur "F******g Frenchman did a good job" in reference to the all French Officiating staff who were working that night. Now this is one persons word against another..... Read More »


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