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Ok here is Ted's Blog in its entirety for today

Day 9: Friday, April 18

What a game— a tough OT loss

We arrive at the arena at 5:30 p.m. We mingled with the crowd and then take our seats in the same suite as last game. I note that the fans that were in our face last game are nowhere to be seen this game. And that the Wachovia Center is not playing fight videos and inciting the crowd as they tried to do last game— maybe the league reached out to them? The Wachovia Center doesn't seem as intimidating to Caps fans and our young players. The Orange Crush doesn't sound that harsh— the sounds aren't as loud as usual and the game is a great one for fans of NHL hockey. The Bullies looked more relieved with their win than overjoyed. They go up 3 to 1 and we play the next game at home on Saturday at 1 p.m. The game will be nationally televised on NBC.

Two overtimes— tons of hits— more than 85 recorded shots on goal and lots of hitting.Despite the outcome—it was a great game— a game when our young inexperienced players learned that they were bigger—stronger and tougher than the Flyers. A game where we began to come of age in a playoff environment.

The last paragraph is such a joke, the young players were bigger , stronger and tougher?? Say what Ted did you even watch the game? The Flyers played their worst game of the series yet, and guess what Ted they still won. Now if you had pointed out specific instances where your team was tougher, bigger and stronger than we could debate that, but being that you really know nothing about hockey or the atmosphere of what playoff hockey should be you write absolute drivel, which as far as i can tell is all that is written about hockey in DC.

Lets talk about your star player Alexander Ovechkin, honestly what an amazing player, but where has he been? 1 Goal and 5 assists in 4 games Ted. Not good, and not promising at all. I know in the future he will be better as he gets experience, but for now he is a big disappointment for your team.

Lets put it this way, the Flyers want this more, they play a better all around team game, and they will put the series away, which wont be soon enough so we don't have to listen to the delusional ramblings of the spoiled rich and the toys they play with.

P.S. More relieved than overjoyed, Ted were you even at this game, you sir are a fraud.
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