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"Hail to the Chief!!"
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Well, Nonis will have another opportunity tomorrow to prove his worth. And in the last of a 3 year deal himself, he's got some proving still to do.

Nonis, like his mentor Burke, doesn't get himself pushed around, but also doesn't sit still. He wants to do a big deal. A big deal that will get him an impact player that will be here for years to come.

With so much cash being freed up next year with the likes of Naslund, Morrison, & Cooke being UFA's, making a big deal for a long-term high priced player makes sense now. It didn't last year, but it certainly does now.

If you listen to Nonis closely, you know he will NOT pay a high price for a rental. He WILL pay a fair price (high or not), for a player that is young and he can keep his hands on for a few years to come.

It's this reason that the rumours for Jeff Carter, or Brad Richards make so much sense for the Canucks and Nonis.

While not sporting a lot of assets, the Canucks can pluck a few from their piggy bank to get one of those players. After years of depletion, they finally have some good talent sitting in the wings or recently making their worth:

Kevin Bieksa (only his 2nd full season)
Ryan Kesler (4th season breakout)
Alexandler Edler (breakout season)
Mason Raymond (top prospect)
Ryan Shannon (mid level prospect)
Luc Bourdon (regular contributor with Moose and first callup)
Cory Schneider (top ranked goalie prospect)
Michael Grabner (top prospect)

But like Nonis said, he won't throw that away for a rental player because he needs those assets for the future of the team.

Tomorrow will be fun, as we know Nonis won't Stand Pat! But the real question is, will he be able to pull off another big one like he did for Luongo.
February 25, 2008 9:10 PM ET | Delete
I'm predicting: Brad Richards for Michael Grabner, Lukas Krajicek and a 1st.
February 25, 2008 9:45 PM ET | Delete
tampa wants schneids end of story
February 25, 2008 11:11 PM ET | Delete
- Krajicek is out for the year with a shoulder injury, so he won't be traded- with Luongo around, Schneider is expendable, and he could be packaged
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