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Blah Blah Deadline Day

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If I wasn't so disappointed in the Non-Trade of Brad Richards to Vancouver, I might actually have been happy to see Matt Cooke finally leave Vancouver.

I've been campaigning since 2004 to trade this guy, and I guess now that his contract is up, Nonis saw an opportunity to keep the useful life of this asset going by trading for a younger player.

Burrows great play of late as the team ajitator allowed Nonis to make this move. It sounded like from Cooke's post trade interview with TSN, that he didn't get along all that well with Vigneault either.

And I've always suspected his teammates didn't appreciate his antics (pest, cheap hits, and won't ever back it up). Cooke was the one player in the league you know would just turtle.

But, aside from that one deal, this was the slowest, most anti-climatic trade deadline this team has had in years. Maybe 5.

Do we have enough?

Simply put, NO. Not after Dallas, San Jose, Colorado, & Anaheim (Selanne) all have made HUGE improvements.

No, they don't have enough, so while we may have hoped for a big one to come at this deadline, I think we'll have to really wait and see what Nonis does this summer. There aren't a lot of Free Agents, but that's never been his style. A trade and sign like he did with Luongo is what he'll be looking for.

But that's this summer. Until then, enjoy the final 18.
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