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"Hail to the Chief!!"
Vancouver, BC • Canada • 39 Years Old • Male
I remember reading a blog by a SFU Student called 'The Canucks Almanac' about 5 years ago. It was my first real exposure to blogging, and I read this guys site religiously. One argument he made related to style of play. This was at the height of the West Coast Express hey day, and watching the misery of losing year after year early in the playoffs. The argument was, would you not rather... Read More »
It's less than a week since the trade deadline, and while the Canucks have picked up 2 of a possible 6 points, they are a disappointing 0-1-2 in that spell. Not only that, the teams top line has gone pointless in those 3 games, and while there has been some secondary scoring, the team seems to be more apathetic as the games go by. Even Luongo's passion has diminished since their loss to Col... Read More »

Blah Blah Deadline Day

Posted February 26, 2008
If I wasn't so disappointed in the Non-Trade of Brad Richards to Vancouver, I might actually have been happy to see Matt Cooke finally leave Vancouver. I've been campaigning since 2004 to trade this guy, and I guess now that his contract is up, Nonis saw an opportunity to keep the useful life of this asset going by trading for a younger player. Burrows great play of late as the team ajitator... Read More »

Canucks - DEADLINE DAY 08!

Posted February 25, 2008
Well, Nonis will have another opportunity tomorrow to prove his worth. And in the last of a 3 year deal himself, he's got some proving still to do. Nonis, like his mentor Burke, doesn't get himself pushed around, but also doesn't sit still. He wants to do a big deal. A big deal that will get him an impact player that will be here for years to come. With so much cash being freed up next... Read More »

RFA Lesson 101 - by Dave Nonis

Posted July 7, 2007
Last fall, when Bobby Clarke was asked about why he tendered Ryan Kesler an offer sheet, he went on the offensive and blamed it on Nonis. Well, first he said he followed the rules as outlined in the CBA, and if you don't like the rules, call the commissioner. But the thing he said that was of real intersest was when he questioned by Nonis had left his RFA unsigned for so long, leaving him o... Read More »

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