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New CBA offer

Posted 12:13 AM ET | Comments 2
Lets talk about numbers for a minute.

Sense the 2005-06 NHL season the NHL had 0% of its players holding out for a new deal when they where already under contract.

That is called honor and loyalty

Sense the 2005-06 season the NFL, NBA, MLB has had its players holding out for more money when they where already under contract

That is call no honor and no loyalty

Lets look at one team and two players

Minnasota Wild
Ryan Suter
Zach parise

When Ryan Suter and Zach Parise both where UFA the owner told the media that no team will out match him when it came to signing Suter and Parise. In fact the owner side that he is willing to over pay to get these two players.

Zach Parise signed a 13 year $98,000,000 contract cap hit $7,538,461, under the new CBA it is only 5 years $53M with a cap hit of $10,600,000

Ryan Suter signed a 13 year $98M contract cap hit 7,538,461 under the new CBA it is only 5 years $53M with a cap hit of $10,600,000

I know your asking your self what is the problem.

The problem is the cap hit you go from a cap hit of $7,538,461 to a cap hit of $10,600,000
That is a decrease of $3,061,539 in cap space. Two players would conrtal about 29% of the cap space (give or take 1% or 2%)

Is the money in the NHL getting out of contral


It is in the best intrest of the owners to rethink there last offer

Players contract.

A UFA can sign a contract with a new team for 5 year a UFA and RFA can sign with its own team for 7 years

All players that that signed a contracts before Sept. 15th 2012 will be honored buy retirement buyout.

How does this work?

Lets use Zach Parise

1) Zach Parise Retires from the NHL at the age of 41
2) Zach Parise most be retired from the NHL for 5 years
3) after 5 years Zach Parise can start to collect the final 8 years $45M from the NHL that an avarage of 5,625M per year.
4) 8 years x 2 = 16 years, 16 years / $45,000,000 = $2,812,500 per year


If Zach Parise retires before the 13 years is up the NHL will not have to pay him for the remaining years. Also the 5 year waiting period does not start early just because Zach Parise
retires. The 5 year waiting period starts after the end of the contract term. Owners can also offer it players more bouneces to lower the retirement buyout.

In 18 years from now the NHL will have more then enough money to pay

Remeber all contracts go through Gary Bettmen and the league office so this mess is on him no one else.

CBA Term

The NHL wants a 10 year CBA and an 8 year option to get out
The NHLPA wants a 5 year CBA and an 3 year option to get out

My offer 10 year CBA and a option for the NHLPA get out in 6 year. And a option for the NHLPA and NHL to get out in 9 years. Both sides must agree for the CBA to end. If the CBA go's the full 10 years because both side did not want to use there out 9 years then the CBA will be exstended for another 4 years. If one side wants out a 9 years then the CBA will end in 10 year. That means the NHL CBA could be 14 years.

When it comes to players contract i will all ways be on the side of the players.

When it comes to the length of the CBA i will all way be on the owners side. Mostly so i only have to go through this every 10 or so years.


Blog # 2

Why did Gary Bettmen allow a 13 year contract to go through when he wanted this 5-7 year limit for the last 2 years by him doing this created a bigger mess. If he did not allow these contracct that go past 5-7 years we would not be in this mess and we would be watching hockey by now.

So this lockout is 100% Gary Bettmens fault.
December 10, 2012 9:48 AM ET | Delete
You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. In blog 2, if Bettman and the NHL do not allow these lengths of contract (which are permitted under the then CBA) the NHLPA would immedialtely sue the NHL for colusion. Without a clause in collective bargaining agreements, the NHL owners can not get together and do anything like that. Do some real research before you post this crap.
December 11, 2012 7:37 AM ET | Delete
seriously, google is your friend, you can find out in 5 minutes that half the crap you posted is wrong. Bettman is holding out for 5 year max terms because otherwise there is nothing he can do about it.
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