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NHL lockout solved!!!!

Posted December 10, 2012
5/7 PCL There is no reason way the owners should have put 5/7 year contract trem limit on the table if the owners want a 5/7 year contract term limit then that is the owners responsabilty not the play. Basicly what i'm saying is that should be an agrement amongs the owners not the player. I do howerver agree that there should be a cap limit on length of contract term. But that is all on the... Read More »

New CBA offer

Posted December 8, 2012
Lets talk about numbers for a minute. Sense the 2005-06 NHL season the NHL had 0% of its players holding out for a new deal when they where already under contract. That is called honor and loyalty Sense the 2005-06 season the NFL, NBA, MLB has had its players holding out for more money when they where already under contract That is call no honor and no loyalty Lets look at one team... Read More »

The waiting game

Posted December 6, 2012
I believe that there is a deal and the owners are not ready to accept it. The owners plan throughout the hole prosses was to cancel as many games as possible. Why do i say this while its simple if the NHL plays at least 60 games they get 100% of the money from there sponsers 41 games or less is 50% that means if the NHL plays 42 games then the NHL gets 75% and the owners only have to p... Read More »


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