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NHL lockout solved!!!!

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5/7 PCL

There is no reason way the owners should have put 5/7 year contract trem limit on the table
if the owners want a 5/7 year contract term limit then that is the owners responsabilty not the play. Basicly what i'm saying is that should be an agrement amongs the owners not the player. I do howerver agree that there should be a cap limit on length of contract term. But that is all on the owners and the league. NOT THE PLAYERS

10/8 CBA term

I do not believe that the owner will move off the 10 year CBA term. But however i do believe that they would be willing to move off the 8 year term limit down by 1 or 2 years to a 6/10 CBA term or a 7/10 CBA term.

Can't spend over the teams total cap
This one is my idea

Lets use the 2014-15 NHL season on this one

The Cap is at 74.3 Million a player signing can't sign above the 74.3 million cap
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