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When the New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres meet at First Niagara Center Friday Night the Buffalo Sabres will look to do something they have attempted three times so far this season and have failed to accomplish. That which has eluded them all season is four wins in a row. This team may not make the playoffs, but one has to believe that they may have turned a corner. After looking like a fish out of water gasping for their last breath after losing to the Montreal Canadians and the Winnipeg Jets, The team held a closed door meeting. They came out like a team deserving of the playoffs beating the Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins.rnrnrnOne may say well they were supposed to beat Philadelphia and Tampa Bay anyway. Its not just the fact that they beat them but how they beat them. Playing their most inspired hockey of the season led by backup Goaltender Jhonas Enroth they allowed only one goal in those two games. What caught my attention even more is that it is teams like those two that had continually caught Buffalo off guard earlier in the season. As great as those games were nothing could of prepared me for what happened in Boston Wednesday night. This was a game that I figured Boston had in the bag. Not because of the Sabres inconstant play, but the momentum that the Sabres would have to overcome after the tragic bombings, the raucous crowd and a hungry Bruins team would just be too much to deal with. When the Sabres went down 1 - 0 early in the first period, I thought to myself here we go. After 65 minutes and a shootout, the Sabres proved alot of people wrong and prevailed in a game that most figured they would not win. rnrnrnThat brings us to tonight's game with the New York Rangers. Two weeks ago I would have thought this was an automatic loss, but the Buffalo Sabres have gotten it in their mind that they are not out of the playoffs until its mathematically not possible. Even then this team, playing the way they are, will not roll over and quit. With Steve Ott and Thomas Vanek leading this team and these young players playing at high level, I believe that the Buffalo Sabres are more ready now than ever to claim that fourth consecutive win.
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