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Ryan Miller Needs To Go

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Now I dont want to get people upset by thinking that all this is Ryan Millers fault. I will be the first to say that Ryan Miller has been the victim of bad breaks and a bad team playing in front of him at times. He is far from the reason The Buffalo Sabres lost to the New York Rangers last night and definitely not the only reason we are missing the playoffs again this season. I personally think Ryan Miller is still a top goaltender in the league and will continue to be in years to come. However it will not be in Buffalo. Of course this is just my opinion but after last night I think everyone knows it is coming. After the first three goals in a matter of a few minutes the crowd was all over Miller as they have been whenever the team has struggled. At the end of the day the fans base the teams performance off the goal tending, at least in Buffalo. The fans practically booed him off the ice to end the first period and it only got worse once he allowed the fourth goal to start of the 2nd period. It was not only the fans that were frustrated with Ryan Miller, but for the first time you could noticeable see Ryan Miller interact with crowd after clearing a puck down the ice with his hand gesture. After the game when Ryan Miller was questioned I give him props because he took responsibility for the goal in which he gift wrapped to the New York Rangers with a lackluster clearing attempt. What was even more interesting is that you could clearly tell that he was as frustrated with the fans ans the fans were with him. I also respect him because he did not try to place the blame on his teammates like with two goals that started the domino's falling last night. He also does not shy away from the fact that this teams play and his needs to improve. So why are these fans so bitter. Simple, the Sabres lost. Had Miller stayed in the net, allowed no more goals the rest of the game, had gone to overtime tied at 4, and won in overtime or a shoot out the fans would of been singing praises to him for keeping their team in the game. Unfortunately his teammates played like it was the preseason and gave him and Enroth little to no help all night. So that leaves me with this idea. With Miller being as frustrated as he is at this point and the fans clearly not in his favor, I believe Ryan Miller will ask to be traded after the season. I see him being traded at or shortly after the draft. Whether Jhonas Enroth or Matt Hackett are the answer or not, we dont know that answer now. What I do know is that Miller does not want to go through this for another year, and I cant say that I blame him.
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