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George Laraque spoke to the La Presse in MTL today about Bergevins decision to bring in Parros. Laraque has been negative towards the Canadiens since they told him to leave halfway into his 3 year contract. I do believe it is jealously. 7th round pick and a terrible prospect for a 6'5 228 pound fighter whose won a cup is a great deal. Parros won't be playing every night as the habs will play speed for speed, skill for skill and toughness for toughness. Against Boston and Toronto Parros will be playing and fighting. The habs have a lot of young talent that need to be relaxed out there for them to grow. As for Laraque, he didn't do his job so Parros has a chance. To be honest I wasn't excited about the Briere signing. I was hoping for a 3-4 year deal for Iginla. We all know what Briere can do but the positive I see is he plays well under pressure, aka playoffs. Montreal fans are hardcore and most players say the Bell Centre is always a playoff environment. Lets see what you have left in the tank Briere. The saga of Jagr has to end. If he wants to play then sign a 3 million deal and move on. How greedy can this guy get. He's made the most money out of any player in NHL history and he'll still nickel and dime at age 41. I do believe he would be a great addition but 3 million is the most Bergevin can give, to leave 1 million for a 4th line centre. White might be signed, but rather see him as 13th forward, really appreciated the play of Halpern, great on faceoffs and can take some penalty kill time away from plekanec. He would be cheap and worth it. As for Jagr, Montreal would be a great end to your career, with him in the lineup the Canadiens would have the depth and skill to compete for the cup. Most importantly players can be managed better for ice time and guidance.
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