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Kovy, as he was known, scored 120 goals for the team, including 17 playoff markers. Kovalev quickly became a fan favourite in Montreal after the team acquired him from the New York Rangers on March 2, 2004 for the low price of Josef Balej and a third-round draft choice that didn’t pan out. Fans nicknamed Kovalev "The Artist" for his impressive stickhandling abilities and cheered his every move,... Read More »
George Laraque spoke to the La Presse in MTL today about Bergevins decision to bring in Parros. Laraque has been negative towards the Canadiens since they told him to leave halfway into his 3 year contract. I do believe it is jealously. 7th round pick and a terrible prospect for a 6'5 228 pound fighter whose won a cup is a great deal. Parros won't be playing every night as the habs will play speed... Read More »
Tsn's Scott Cullen blogged his off-season game plan for Montreal. The roster was the same but he added in [b]Patrick Elias[/b]. Elias will help out any team he plays for, but I feel it is unlikely he signs with MTL. Bergevin will go after [b]Jagr[/b] and [b]Iggy[/b]. I'm sure he would entertain Elias as an option but Lou won't and can't give up his services. The [b]Devils[/b] don't have much star... Read More »

What The Habs Need

Posted June 13, 2013
The Canadiens will have another strong season next year. The team has excellent youngsters to guide the way for the next 7 or so seasons. Gallys, subban, price, pacioretty, Emelin are what I consider the core. Plekanec, Gorges, Markov, and Prust are middle core and should be around for the next 5 years to help the team win. Gionta, Moen, Bourque can be dealt at anytime but all have different quali... Read More »

Bright Future For Habs

Posted June 7, 2013
This is my first post on Hockeybuzz and I plan on doing it regularly. I've followed this site for 4 years and enjoy reading rumors, predictions and thoughts. I've been a habs fan since 1992. I was 9 years old and made the travel team in a small town in southwestern Ontario. My coach suggested to watch the nhl to gain an hockey iq. Back then I only had public access t.v. CBC, a Detroit station,... Read More »


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