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"Maybe this year..."
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Going into tonight's game in Dallas the Preds are still unbeaten this season. I'll take 3-0-3 over 2-3-1, which is where the Flyers, Stanley Cup finalists last year currently sit after 6 games. The injury bug has been flying around and it's not a good thing, hopefully we can weather the storm and the dam doesn't burst.

Now onto my favoraite subject, the Canadian press (Toronto Globe and Mail) and their propaganda. Do we need to go ahead and give the Cup to the Leafs? Then you guys (Shoalts and Maki) will have better things to do than write how the NFL strike will help the NHL make in-roads south of the border. FYI, that country south of the border is where 80% of the NHL teams reside. But, you think that's Bettman's fault, that anti-Canadian.

Honestly, guys please just write about the sport, the players, the coaches and the feel-good stories. Because next thing you know you guys will be referring to the Commissioner and the U.S. as communist or something to the similar. The league isn't going to get any better until it has a contract with ESPN or Fox Sports.
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