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"Maybe this year..."
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David, David, David... (tist, tist, tist...) Jonas Andersson, Jonas (FREAKIN') Andersson...
Okay, I'm thoroughly confused. First, you traded Hamhuis (UFA) for Ryan Parent. Basically, 2nd pair defenseman with experience for a 3rd pair defenseman with less experience. Second, you traded Arnott to NJ for a prospect and a 2nd round pick next year. I'm good with that, you got something for a UFA that wasn't going to resign and you got something for someone who had worn out their welcome.
Here's where the spiral begins. Your next move is to ship Ellis and Boyd to the Habs for Sergei Kostitsyn. A high-risk, high-reward move, IF HE DOESN'T GO TO THE KHL or becomes a distraction to the team. Then, 2 days ago, when you announce the Ellis, Boyd for Kostitsyn trade, you also dangle this "we've signed a free agent, but will not announce it until Thursday" nonsense.
Okay, David, I give. Your big free agent signing is the 33rd overall pick in the 1999 Draft. Did you call Brian Finley to see if his groin has healed? I bet that Adam Hall, Andrew Hutchinson and Jan Lasak are available too. This guy had 20 points in 30 games with Minsk of the KHL last year, and 57 points in 55 games in the Finnish league the year before. Okay, please tell me that you paid this guy 675k to kidnap Radulov and smuggle him back to town in his suitcase.
Now, that I have got that off my chest, it has been a good day so far for former Preds. Dan Ellis signs in Tampa for 2 years at 1.5 per year, Mason signs in Atlanta for 3.7 over 2 years, and finally Hammer signs with the Canucks for 27 million over 6 years.
Happy Canada Day, ya'll...
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