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5th Place and Frustrated

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As our Preds turn the 1/2 pole and start the last half of the season, I can only sit here and think of what could be. As I write this, the Preds currently sit in 5th place in the Western Conference at 52 points, 7 points behind that team from eastern Michigan and 1 point behind the Coyotes for 4th. Should I be happy and content with where we are, especially with all the injuries incurred so far this season? Yes, but when I see and hear the things going on with this team, it gets my blood pressure up, which is why I don't write more blogs on this site. I vent to my team's blogger, or as we know him better, "The Voice From Above" at the Bridge.

With key players (Suter, Lombardi, Erat, Sullivan, Rinne, O'Reilly and Legwand) missing time because of injuries, I tip my hat to Coach Trotz, Petersen and Horachek.

Now, for the frustration...

As I remarked to "The Voice" today, is Dumont really an NHL-caliber player at this point? I'm sorry to the Dumont supporters out there, I know J.P is a great guy and a good teammate, but c'mon... $4m a year for a guy to play 8 or 9 minutes and have no shots on goal last night.

As for David Legwand, does the Pittsburgh coaching staff have to have a meeting with Crosby and tell him to be more offensive-minded. David, you are the highest paid player on the team, you should not have to be reminded to do your job and earn the money.

Lastly, Jordin, I understand you have a problem and are dealing with it in the proper fashion. But, there are those among us who can't understand how a professional athlete can allow this to happen in the middle of the season. I love ya, but you need to remember where you came from and the struggle it took to get here. The people of Nashville will stand beside you through thick and thin. Take care, Toots...
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