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"Vancouver Luongos"
London, ON • Canada • 25 Years Old • Male
Alright. Well. In the last two games against the Wild, the Canucks have looked ugly, disgusting, and in all senses of the word, unattractive. It seems fitting that this game falls on VD, which, in addition to being an anagram for Valentine's Day, is also an anagram for something ELSE that may or may not share characteristics with my descriptions of the Canucks' play against Minny.

Here's what's important: Willie Mitchell. I truly believe that having this guy back will be a huge boost. When Willie is in the lineup, the rest of the D are less stressed, and Ohlund is more likely to join rushes up-ice, without having to fear leaving the likes of Marion Gaborik alone rush back the other way. This isn't to say our makeshift defense hasn't performed better than anyone expected, just that it will be nice to go through shifts without having that nagging 'when is the mistake coming' feeling in the back of my head.

I hope Mitchell is back tonight. That being said, I'd rather he miss another week if he isn't 100% instead of coming back too early and aggravating that injury. We need him if we're going to get higher than that scary looking 8th seed. I'd LOVE to play Dallas again in the playoffs, especially with the games between the two teams this season looking a little more open, and Dallas having the same defense issues as us, haha. But i suppose that's looking too much ahead into the future. Someone (or perhaps two someones) out of the top four in the NW division are going to get screwed. It's unfortunate, but with the unbelievable equality existing between the teams, and the stupid 3 point game era, there's really no choice.

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