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Swede Victory

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Yes yes, another cliche term about how we have swedish players on our team. And yet, you may be confused. No swedes scored yesterday night, you might say! That's irrelevant. The line of Naslund, Sedin, and Sedin is unbelieveable. They're making Sydor and Zubov look like children. This isn't to say i'm particularly proud of the Canucks effort last night. As the playoffs continue, playing 25 minutes of stellar hockey isn't going to be good enough. We can't keep giving up leads (game 1) or falling behind (game 3). This needs to be fixed. I truly believe Alain Vigneault will hold his players accountable for this. He has been doing it all year, hasn't he? He is incredibly underrated. I don't think i've heard any analysts on TV even speak his name. This team was written off in september and october, and they won the Northwest division, and are now leading a series that most people have picked us to lose (i know, i know, it's not over yet). He is doing so much for this team. I am so impressed.

Now, about the game last night.

Right now, Markus Naslund is playing the best hockey he has played in two seasons. He's throwing hits, diving for pucks, taking shots from the slot, and finally looking dangerous again on every play.

Jannik Hansen. What a draft pick this guy turned out to be. Let's hope he can keep it up. 15+ minutes last night, 4 shots, and the first assist on the tying goal. Definitely one of the bright spots. The others that I have really noticed are Burrows, Nazzy (of course), the Sedins (although some shifts they disappear), and Willie Mitchell. Bieksa is playing quite well, but I'm starting to get sick of his penalties.

Is anyone else genuinely scared every time Sopel touches the puck? Linden must have had three neutral zone giveaways last night as well. Scary. These mental errors WILL cost us in a series this close.

That being said, I expect Vigneault to have our Canucks storming out of the gate tomorrow, a la Dallas in game 2. Taking games 3 and 4 in Dallas puts a chokehold on the series, one that I don't see the Canucks relinquishing, like they did in Minnesota a few years back. Not with Luongo in net.

I predict a 3-1 Canucks victory in game 4. 3 goals may seem like a lot against someone playing as well as Turco, but not if the Canucks can start a game (finally, for gods sake) like they end one.

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