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"Vancouver Luongos"
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Posted October 2, 2008
Alright, so, everybody does these things at some point, I suppose I'm going to throw them up here too. I don't really know why, considering they'll just get ragged by everyone who thinks their teams should do better and whatever teams I seem to like totally suck. EASTERN CONFERENCE Southeast Division 1. Washington 2. Carolina 3. Florida 4. Tampa Bay 5. Atlanta Atlantic Division 1. Pit... Read More »

VD - Should be interesting

Posted February 14, 2008
Alright. Well. In the last two games against the Wild, the Canucks have looked ugly, disgusting, and in all senses of the word, unattractive. It seems fitting that this game falls on VD, which, in addition to being an anagram for Valentine's Day, is also an anagram for something ELSE that may or may not share characteristics with my descriptions of the Canucks' play against Minny. Here's what's... Read More »

Swede Victory

Posted April 16, 2007
Yes yes, another cliche term about how we have swedish players on our team. And yet, you may be confused. No swedes scored yesterday night, you might say! That's irrelevant. The line of Naslund, Sedin, and Sedin is unbelieveable. They're making Sydor and Zubov look like children. This isn't to say i'm particularly proud of the Canucks effort last night. As the playoffs continue, playing 25 minutes... Read More »

Quickie - Calgary v. Detroit

Posted April 12, 2007
Mick Mcgeough (sp?) is reffing tonight. Any Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton fans will know this guy all too well. I'm interested to know what you Flame fans think of him being given game 1 in a series that is so close it could be decided by refs calling bad penalties? Read More »

Shorty - Canucks OT Victory

Posted April 12, 2007
Just something short, since i'm in the lab right now supposedly doing homework/research, but playoff hockey makes me much too excited to think about things like that right now. First off - Markus Naslund played his best game of the season so far. No question. I hope he can keep this up. Kevin Bieksa - 54+ minutes and 4 penalties. This guy is amazing. I expect a Norris trophy 5 years down the... Read More »


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