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So first off, this is my first attempt at sports writing, so please be constructive in the comments. Little bit about me, I’m only 13 and have had a passion to get into sports writing for a year or 2 now and I`m a die-hard Sens fan. I like to write about trade speculation, players "values", and other things like that because that is one of my favorite aspects of professional sports. Anyways, enough about me. Enjoy

If any of you, like me, are always reading Eklunds column, you would see that Ottawa has an interest in acquiring Matt Moulson and Steve Ott from the Sabres. Personally, I agree with Travis Yost, Ottawa should be acquiring a Top 4 D-man first, but Steve Ott is a favorite of mine. He may not be getting you 30 goals a season. Hell, he probably isn`t getting you 20 goals a season anymore. But he brings a level of grit and defensive skill I think would be great on the 3rd line. I`d like to see how he would do in a 2nd line role on a good team now, but Ottawa doesn`t have room for him in our Top 6 forwards.

As for Matt Moulson, I`m confident he CAN be a 30-40 goal scorer without John Tavares, however I think the price on him is too high if we want to get a defenseman too. Steve Ott would probably cost us a 1st-2nd round pick at the deadline, maybe even with a prospect involved. Moulson has a ton of other teams with interest, the highest bidder probably giving a 1st rounder, a "good" prospect, and maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick as well.

Since Ottawa doesn`t have a first rounder this season, you could see a Jean Gabriel Pageau or a Mark Stone( ) substituting. I understand giving up Pageau, as he hasn`t had the greatest year in the NHL( 2 goals, no assists, -5) in 21 games, however he is a point-per game player in the AHL( 30 games, 30 points). I am a little biased when it comes to Stone, as he did play for my favorite WHL team in Brandon, but he has shown some skill too. He has the same amount of points in the NHL as Pageau with a third as many of games( 7 games, 2 points) and every time he is on the ice, something good is happening. Plus, he has 26 points in 24 AHL games.

A good substitute for that 2nd or 3rd round pick, in case Bryan Murray is smart and decides to keep that 2nd round pick that could net you a good prospect, is Colin Greening. Greening has not been having a good year, and I don`t care if he has to go to make a deal work.

So in the end, I think Ottawa`s priorities should be:1) TOP 4/TOP 2 DEFENSEMAN ALREADY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD(Blog on this later)2) Scoring forward(Matt Moulson, Brad Boyes(Former 40 goal scorer), or Ales Hemsky) 3) A defensive forward(Steve Ott, Vernon Fiddler)Thanks for reading! Please be constructive in the comments, and if you disagree with my points, be sure to tell me as I`d love to hear your thoughts!
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