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So over the last few weeks leading up to the draft, like most Sens and/or all hockey fans, I was waiting for the announcement of Jason Spezza being traded. Over the past two weeks, I thought about who we would pick with the 1st rounder that we were, according to Bryan Murray, surely getting. Dreams of Nick Ritchie, Haydn Fleury, and maybe Nylander or Ehlers dropping flashed through my head. After they were all picked, I thought of the great picks that were still available for the Sens. Guys like Travis Sanheim, Kasperi Kappanen, and late guys like John Quenneville and Josh Ho Sang would even be okay with me. Hell, they`d be great! Alas, Bryan Murray could not get the deal done by the end of the draft. And now, as of June 30th 6:03 PM CST, I sit waiting still, for the Spezza deal to be made.

So why couldn`t Murray get the deal done? Rumour has it the deal from St.Louis included everything we needed! A 1st round pick(which they used to select ROBBY FRICKING FABRRI!!!! THE GUY SCORED 87 POINTS IN 58 GAMES!!!!!!! The deal also included Patrik Berglund, a Swedish playmaker who just oozes potential to be a star( and is a god in NHL14 xD ). Not only that, it also included one of either Kevin Shattenkirk or Ian Cole. And rumour has it Ty Rattie may have been in there as well. So why, oh why, would Bryan Murray neglect such an offer? St.Louis was one of Jason`s desired loactions, and the deal brought in some great pieces to help fix this abysmal team. The reason this offer was declined, is because Melnyk is a cheap old man.

Berglund`s new extension is 3.7 million. Ian Cole is currently being paid 900K, however that number will be in the 3 million range for 15-16. And Kevin Shattenkirk? On the cap, he is only 4.25. However, in actual dollars, he will cost the team 4.2 this year, 4.3 in 15-16, and 5.2 in 16-17. So, Melnyk is shedding 4 million off of his chequebook with Spezza being dealt, but taking on 5 million+ for the next few seasons. And you can`t tell me that part of the reason for the Spezza deal is saving money.

I am, however, happy that Spezza was not dealt to Nashville on draft day. If the deal was the same thing that the Penguins got for Neal, I`d want no part of that. However, if the offer was their first round pick, plus Spaling and Hornqvist, I would at least consider it. Again though, Melnyk would just end up paying more next season, as Spaling is gonna be around 1.5-2M and Patric Hornqvist is at 4M for next season. So again, Melnyk is taking on more money. Of course with the Nashville deal, it was all said and done, just Spezza pulled a Dany Heatley and didn’t want to go to Hockey Tonk. Guess he isn`t into country.

Now to the title of the blog. Why is the Spezza trade doomed? The trade is doomed because of three reasons:
1) Melnyk is cheap. The only deal he will make is a deal that will save him money.For the love of God, sell the team.
2) Bryan Murray can`t seem to find a deal he finds “fair for Jason. However, if the Anaheim deal is what it was rumoured to be and the St. Louis deal is what it was rumoured to be, they are more than fair.
3) Fans will never,EVER, see the return for Spezza as fair. Even if a deal happens, no fan will ever get the value for Spezza they feel is fair. The fact of the matter is, almost every team has a number 1 centre. Spezzza`s value to everyone else is a number 2 centre.

Thanks for reading! Check my other stuff and leave some comments on your thoughts.!
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July 1, 2014 9:34 AM ET | Delete
The rumoured pieces from St. Louis are only a rumour.
July 1, 2014 11:43 AM ET | Delete
Yeah definitely! Its all over now anyway.
July 1, 2014 12:04 PM ET | Delete
haha a poor rumor at that. No way that offer was real. Also this post lost me at "he is good in NHL 14"
July 1, 2014 3:56 PM ET | Delete
It was a joke lol
July 1, 2014 4:57 PM ET | Delete
I feel bad for the Sens. Not fair to have to cheer on a crooked playing field. If you are a crappy businessman and cannot get it done for your team than you need to be moving along.
July 1, 2014 5:09 PM ET | Delete
Seitch thanks for actually saying something and not just telling me how bad I am :P
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