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If you missed my first blog on the Ottawa-Buffalo trade rumour, it`s right here http://my.hockeybuzz.com/...86&post_id=15947

So in my last blog, I mentioned how Ottawa`s first priority should be a Top 2/ Top 4 defenseman, if there are any available. Obviously, this guy is gonna get brought in to play with Karlsson, as Jared Cowen just isn`t proving he is ready for that kind of time. A few people were saying maybe Coburn as he was in play during the summer, or Meszaros back from Philly, but the way the Flyers have been playing, I can`t see either of those guys going anywhere.

However, some other possible names on the block that are capable of some big minutes are guys like; Dan Girardi,Jake Gardiner, Carl Gunnarson, or maybe even Jason Garrison, who I would really like. Vancouver is definitely not guaranteed a playoff spot at this point, so he may be available.

Although Dan Girardi is the biggest name there, he would cost an arm, a leg, and a few first round draft picks. I also think that Gardiner could play a Top 2 role, either this year or next year. He would cost us a lot too, but with the Leafs openly shopping him around, his value could be down significantly. When I was looking at Eklunds Rumour Chart, I was actually surprised to see Gunnarson. Gunnarson has been great with the Leafs over the last few years, and he wouldn`t cost near as much as Gardiner or Girardi. He is also a great defensive player, with mediocre offensive abilities. And Garrison, a guy who has proved he can score, 16 goals in 11-12, with Karlsson`s passing, could be deadly.

Another possibility for the Sens could be Dmitry(or Dmitri) Kulikov. I saved a whole paragraph for him, as I got a lot to say about him. There have been all kinds of rumours of him packing his bags for Russia next season, even though he came out and said that he has no plans of the KHL in the future. Personally, I think he is going to stay next season. I`m curious on a few things with him though, like how much would he cost us in a trade, and how much is he gonna cost Melnyk this summer(He`s an RFA), but I think he could be worth it. He is a former first round pick, oozing with potential, and really you can`t judge his play so far from the stats, because he has played for the Panthers his whole career. I`m just scared Bryan Murray doesn`t want another Filatov situation(who I do think will come back eventually). I mean, realistically, he shouldn`t cost us more than a 1st or a 2nd. Anything above that and he can stay in Florida.

Well, thanks for reading. Please leave your opinions in the comments, and if you have some other names I`d love to hear it!
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