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Well just when you thought it was safe to check out the out bloggin page the long time lurker has put out an article. I am going to try and cover the Leafs a different way as well as one hot topic issue A night never blogged but people like me for hockey talks so I thought I'd put out a blog on my thoughts cheers and thanks for the reads.rnrnNow I know this is a HOT topic among many right now but I am jumping in on this as well. The whole John Scott thing I have seen the Milbury interview and while the fault does belong to Scott I firmly believe the bigger problem is Rolston. Milbury is right in wanting this guy gone but I have a feeling he won't be and this is not the last time we will hear of these antics, I say this solely because we can look at the proof Rolston knew what he was doing lining up Scott against Kessel and you know full right he knew what he was doing when he put Scott on the ice down by two in the third with a chance to storm back. Now I know I'll hear well he was out there to shake things up a bit gain them an edge and to you I say please this guy is not a hockey player he is Rolstons " I am six year old who hates losing answer" so I'll send him out to do something to get our team noticed and possibly derail one of the other teams better players, again I feel o well he did nothing to Kessel again I laugh if Kessel dropped the gloves Scott would of laid him out and Rolston would look like the smug arse that he is. The fact he did not say anything about the hit last night you know he knewwhat he had done and he knew what would happen. Keep this guy in the league and we will see more and more players go down, did we see this when Ruff was coach nope he likes the edge but knew where to draw the line, so I say get rid of Rolston and bring Buffalo back to respectability------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On a note about the leafs who is excited to see what our "big" off season purchase can do ? I have seen everything from he will be a bust to he is the new Clark well let's just let the guy play his game and give the effort he always does, my stat line for him looks like this 19g 25a and a whole lot of grit that we have been missing with the injuries.rnrnrnCheers All #97rn
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