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How many July 1st's have we had where we all sat and either watched painfully or refreshed constantly only too see the blue and white come up short or Blake out on deals I really can't put my Finger on it but usually the Clarks-on us about how we take it all. Puns aside I don’t write much as you can tell but in this particular instance I figured maybe it was time to sit down while on vacation and really vent out some things because my sweet Lou are we a bunch of cantankerous a-holes.

I sat down to look at my phone on crappy WIFI at the cottage we rented for the Canada long weekend I see we re-signed Curtis (Mchel-mania may his pad save run wild on your team brotha) Mcelhinney and Garret Sparks not shocking by any means, but cue the twitter heat starting to get turned up, next comes the Hainsey and Moore deals well somebody may as well broke the damn knob on the BBQ cause it was full force on the heat with a few regulars I follow tossing water on the flames with real insight and stats only for them selves to be bashed and picked apart by a pack of swarming hockey know it all piranha . Then comes Marleau in all his glory in which when I saw he signed I jumped and excitedly tackled a buddy who knows nothing of hockey and thought I was a jubilant drunk screaming we got merlot, well hockey twitter about set itself on fire with the heat.

I decided to wait until we got home to look over all the thoughts and discussion from the people I read off the most and then see what was posted in response. I can fully support the claim now as I tweeted we can’t have nice things. Zach Hyman is now useless garbage because we signed Marleau and oh did you know that Connor Brown should be playing on the fourth line cause he doesn’t belong flanking Matthews. These same players we lauded by the very same people not a few short months ago as reasons we are going where we are but we have Marleau now right so why should they get the … stop right there seriously it is awesome we have a lineup that makes you think and players that make you gush. That by no means should allow you to player bash your own guys, for the first time in a long time we have a group to be proud of. Players who cliché or not play for the Leaf on the front not the name on the back. The really Dominic Moore and we didn’t offer Boyle anything ? well its for one year and maybe the money was better used in taking care of five needs opposed to maybe only two or three while waiting and other players like a Marleau heading else where Lou had a plan and he let it play out, not to mention we may have our own home grown fourth line center who may just need a year to get his feet back in Freddie the Goat may his rehab be quick and he comes back stronger. Hainsey is again another not over expensive D-man who is a right hand shot and can add a wealth of experience to this young D-core, I for one would not of wanted to tie ourselves to a long term deal on the Alzner’s or Shattenkirk’s of the free agent class. Again we as a fan nation have a team that is growing talent internally instead of sending it away to other teams who then reap the rewards history is littered with picks and former players making a name for themselves else where.

I ask why not sit back and let a good wine ferment a few years and reap the rewards when were the ones popping the corks and pouring it into the best drinking mug in the world. We are Leafs Nation and we are on the rise, so lets rise together and make the NHL stand witness.
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July 6, 2017 12:51 PM ET | Delete
nooooo you stink at being bad.
July 6, 2017 9:59 PM ET | Delete
So right! And that was very well written. Strong closing. I was pumped up. Almost started doing pushups.
July 7, 2017 12:43 PM ET | Delete
I know, right? I just couldn't eat all the pancakes.
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