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"Avalanche - Thats That."
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I just wanted to toss this out there, but what would one think of the Colorado Avalanche signing Marty Brodeur to a 1 year deal? When he and Patrick Roy were younger Marty lived in Roy's basement. As history played out, Roy became the NHL's all-time winner in regular and post-season, followed by much more. Game 7 - Roy and Marty went toe to toe for the cup, which we all remember went to the Avalanche in 2001. Two years later Roy retires and leave his records to Marty to watch over.

As the Avalanche selected Nathan MacKinnon #1 overall at Prudential Center in New Jersey chants rang down, "Marty's better, Marty's better."

Now we look a year later, Marty is a UFA and the Avs could use another veteran goalie to back up Varlamov and help push him to the next level. J.S Gigure more than likely retiring leaves the Avs with an unestablished set of back-up goalies.

Imagine this; Marty Brodeur signs a 1 year deal with the Avalanche, once again under the wing of Patrick Roy. Playing 1 in every 3 games behind Varly hopping to make one more record that Roy did not 4 cups - 3 with 1 team and 1 with another.... (Roy has 4 also, however 2 with Montreal and 2 with the Avs.) Imagine the sound of Prudential Center when Marty is the starting goalie for the burgundy and blue and not the black and red.....

Nawwwww, that'll never happen... or could it?
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June 25, 2014 7:58 PM ET | Delete
We wouldnt sign Berra to a 3 year contract just to add another goalie as a back up. Berra is our backup, we have to deal with that now
June 25, 2014 8:56 PM ET | Delete
i could see it happening. haters gon hate but save this link for a DM when it does. TASTE IT
June 26, 2014 4:18 PM ET | Delete
If you post on my blog with negative or disrespectful comments I will delete and ban you. There is no need for it, it is a place to express thoughts or even what ifs, if you do not like it or believe it find another blog. Thanks
June 30, 2014 3:40 AM ET | Delete
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