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OK .

Where do i start.

Do you know what is sad? When a Die-hard Avs fan like myself has to witness so many bad played games by the Avs that i consider not cheering for them anymore. But i cant do that, because that means i would have to stop liking hockey altogether. And honestly, i still love the Avs.

So i was thinking on my way home after the 3-0 loss to the Vancouver Canucks, WHY? Why are they not getting the “W”.

Well i have a few thoughts.

Coaching- Sacco hasn’t been able to inspire this team after the only good season he had with them which brought them to the playoffs 2 seasons ago. In my opinion, the Avs need to give him the boot, and hire someone who is qualified for the job. Now me personally, I’m not a fan of coaches who use to play in the NHL. Now i know there are alot of great Coaches who played the game, dont get me wrong. I like a coach whose been doing it his whole life from kids hockey, to juniors to the minors. Someone that has made a life out of it and really understands the game . Who knows, i may be wrong but one thing is for sure, the Avs need s new coach. *Cough*Give Bob Hartley a call.*cough*.

Goal-tending- I’m not blaming Varly or Giggy at all. Who i am blaming is Greg Sherman for hiring goalie coach Kirk Mclean to be a part time goalie coach when its obvious they need more attention then one week of the month. Come on Sherman, Give your head a shake. Hire a full time goalie coach.

Players- There are players on this team that i don’t think should of even made the team or should have been traded. I’m not going into detail on each player, but here are they players i wouldnt cry to see gone from this team.

Jay McClement- Matt Hunwick- Chuck Kobasew(thought he would be a good fit, i was wrong)- Brandon Yip- and Kevin Porter

They do absolutely no good to this team and its holding back players from the minors who are actually good. Brandon Yip might be my only exception out of them all though, since he just got back from injury. Gotta give him a few games to get into it.

Peter Mueller- Its obvious that we need this guy back in the lineup with no possibility of getting hurt again for the rest of the season. Alas, he is hurt again and put on Injured Reserve. From the get-go i wanted this guy on the Avs, even before he was traded here. But if he comes back and get hurt again, it’s time to buyout his contract and send him on his way and find another right handed bomb from the blue line. I hate saying that, but somethings gotta be done. Concussions ruin players.

Line changes- This falls under Coaching again i know, but one thing that bothers me the most is Sacco not leaving lines alone. How does he expect them to build chemistry with guys when they are always looking over and seeing a different guy doing something different then the guy they were just getting use to. IT MAKES NO SENSE… STOP IT.

And to the Avs fans who where at the Game a Booed the Team tonight. I give you props, because that’s what the team and the management need to hear. I know some of you don’t believe in booing, but it does have quite the effect on the team. It lets everyone know that things need to change and fast. You are all entitled to your opinion’s though and i respect that, (to the people on Twitter). You never know, Booing them tonight could get them playing better and put on a nice winning streak. That remains to be seen though.

That’s it for now. Agree or Disagree with me? Let me know on Twitter @mercus24. I’d love to hear from you guys.

Thanks for reading

Marc Parsons
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