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fort mcmurray, AB • Canada •


Posted November 24, 2011
OK . Where do i start. Do you know what is sad? When a Die-hard Avs fan like myself has to witness so many bad played games by the Avs that i consider not cheering for them anymore. But i cant do that, because that means i would have to stop liking hockey altogether. And honestly, i still love the Avs. So i was thinking on my way home after the 3-0 loss to the Vancouver Canucks,... Read More »

Avs Goalie Situation.

Posted June 30, 2011
Welcome back Avaholics, Today is the day before Friday July 1st, which as we all know is Free agent frenzy. Were NHL free agents test the market to find a new team to play for , for more money or just a change of scenery. Now the Avs have alot to look at during this summer starting tomorrow. the main goal right now goaltending. The Avs have made a decision when the season ended to not bring... Read More »