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Since the GM meetings were held this week, I have decided to make this post to fit the scenario IF the gms decide to put in bigger nets-

October 4, 2007- The first game of the NHL season in Anaheim has been delayed because they could not get the new bigger net through the zamboni entrance and onto the slushy ice rink. Finally, the game has started at midnight eastern time. All other venues have the appropriate measurements in the entrance to fit these nets.

November 18, 2007- The highly-touted offensive match up between the Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres finishes with a record high 23 goals as the Sabres defeat the Sens 12-11.

December 14, 2007- Sergei Gonchar scores a hat trick on one-timers on the power-play in the exact same spot every time. This has happened because there is a huge space between the shot-blocking of the Islanders defense that the puck could go through and pass Dipietro on the low stick-side right into the net.

January 3, 2008- The NHL GM meetings are held for the first time this season and the GMs have decided that it would be right to let the goaltenders wear bigger equipment to suit the bigger net size.

June 11, 2008- The Minnesota Wild have captured Lord Stanley's cup because Jacques Lemaire is the only coach in the NHL smart enough to figure out a new and superb shot blocking scheme that would not allow players to score on them on each side of the extended net.

Congrats to the Wild
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June 11, 2007 2:10 PM ET | Delete
if they go to big nets it prob wont happen to the 2008/2009 season wont they try them out in the AHL first to see how it goes kinda like they did with the new rules during the lockout
June 12, 2007 2:06 PM ET | Delete
Bigger nets is retarded the goalies are used to the size from little to pro you can't just change it . Quit trying to make the game a high scoring game and let the players use their talents. I'd rather watch a 2-1 game than a 12-2 game
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