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Big Signings Today

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Wow I was surprised when I flipped up the net to see on my TSN RSS (great way to get the latest news) that Sundin had re-signed with the Leafs, Chelios w/ the Red Wings, and a couple of other small signings.

Lets start off on the Sundin signing. If Fergy thinks he could get a good deal out of 5.5 million for Sundin, he is definetely not thinking straight since Kevin Lowe ( a superb gm btw) thought Ryan Smyth's stock was 5.5 mil. I am proud that Ryan's agent stood up for him so he could get a better contract this year. I know some of you will disagree, but Ryan Smyth is far more better in every skill set than Mats. While Mats agents on the other hand was content that his client will earn more than 5 mill. If I were the Toronto gm, I would probably offer Sundin a 1 year 4-4.5 million $$ contract.

It makes me feel good inside when I see Chelios is going to live it out in the NHL as a player for at least one more year. Thumbs up to Kenny and the staff for getting him to stay.

Now on to the most underrated signing of the day- Anaheim signed forward Travis Moen to a US$1.825-million, two-year contract on Tuesday. He'll earn $900,000 next year and $925,000 in 2008-'09 after making $475,000 last season. My thoughts- Anaheim will have there checking line at full power for the next two years with this guy staying in. He s a great Canuck who always plays under pressure but gets the job done.
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