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Big Signings Today

Posted June 12, 2007
Wow I was surprised when I flipped up the net to see on my TSN RSS (great way to get the latest news) that Sundin had re-signed with the Leafs, Chelios w/ the Red Wings, and a couple of other small signings. Lets start off on the Sundin signing. If Fergy thinks he could get a good deal out of 5.5 million for Sundin, he is definetely not thinking straight since Kevin Lowe ( a superb gm btw) thou... Read More »

The (Non)History of Bigger Nets

Posted June 10, 2007
Since the GM meetings were held this week, I have decided to make this post to fit the scenario IF the gms decide to put in bigger nets- October 4, 2007- The first game of the NHL season in Anaheim has been delayed because they could not get the new bigger net through the zamboni entrance and onto the slushy ice rink. Finally, the game has started at midnight eastern time. All other venues have... Read More »


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