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We're reaching the stretch-run; it's time for Part 5 of my 6 part series on the new jerseys. So far, we've discussed the Northeast, Northwest, Atlantic, and Central divisions. My previous blogs can be found at the following links:


Next is the Southeast division.

Atlanta Thrashers:
There aren’t huge changes with the Thrashers jerseys; both the colour schemes and the logo are the same. They’re kept the lopsided, one-stripe-down-one-arm-look for their home jerseys. Wasn’t crazy about that look on the old jerseys, so I'm not loving it on the new jerseys. The laces at the collar are a nice touch that I do like, as I've mentioned at nauseum. The away jerseys are also quite similar to the old ones. Don’t like the white strip at the elbow, but still a nice looking jersey. Overall, I like the away jerseys over the home jerseys; they’re a littler sharper looking and have nicer colours.

Carolina Hurricanes:
Once again, very little change compared to the old jerseys. I like that the designers didn’t go crazy with the piping and didn’t try to cram in too much stuff. For some reason, I’m not liking the row of squares around the bottom. I know they were there on the old jerseys, but they seem to stand out more on these new ones. Overall, another nice looking set of jerseys.

Florida Panthers:
Can you say "colour"? The Panthers red/yellow/blue colour scheme is certainly bright to say the least. The colours in the jersey seem to be brighter than in the logo, could be the picture's fault again, but makes the logo looked a little washed out. They having the same piping down the torso as other jerseys have, such as the Blues. They also have the part-way around the arm stripes at the elbow like the Oilers do, but at least they have a different colour separating the different sections of the arm. Red/white or blue/white in the Panthers' case vs. white/white or blue/blue in the Oilers'. Brighten up the colours in the logo and get rid of the piping down the torso would improve these jerseys in my eye. Overall, these aren't my favourite.

Tampa Bay Lightning:
My first impression of the new Lightning logo is, they tried to be edgy and did not quite accomplish it. The old logo was better in my opinion. Also, someone pointed out to me that the arms look like bellbottom pants in the pictures where the jerseys are lying down flat… Good thing they don't look like that when on the players. These jerseys could also use a bit of breaking up, by adding more black to the away jerseys and more white in the home jerseys. Overall, these jerseys are on the boring side.

Washington Capitals:
The Caps went extremely retro, scraping last year's jerseys for the old Capitals logo and patriotic red/white/blue/black colours. Makes sense that the Washington Capitals jerseys would be patriotic, right? A little more blue to get a better balance of all the colours would have been better. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I really like or dislike these jerseys for some reason. Overall, there's an improvement (basically because I don't like last year's jerseys), although they are also on the boring side.

The Southeast division features a mix of jerseys. Two sets of nice jerseys, two sets of boring jerseys, and one set of jerseys with a case of stuffing too much stuff on one jersey. My rankings: 1. Canes, 2. Thrashers, 3. Caps, 4. Lightning, 5. Panthers.

For those of you that are confused and can't figure out what division I haven't covered, thelast part of my series features the Pacific division.

*Comments are welcomed. Tell me what you think!
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September 28, 2007 9:36 PM ET | Delete
those squares on the hurricanes jersey are hurricane flags by the way...
September 28, 2007 10:27 PM ET | Delete
Actually, I can't say "colour." I never learned how to pronounce superfluous u's. :P
September 29, 2007 8:29 AM ET | Delete
It's pronounced the same way, silly 23..
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