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Time for Part 4 of my 6-part series on the new jerseys. So far, we've covered the Northeast, Northwest and Atlantic divisions. For those who have not read them yet:


Up next is the Central Division.

Chicago Blackhawks:
Like the Bruins jerseys, there is very little change, which I am sure the Hawks fans appreciate. Considered one of the best jerseys in the NHL, the Hawks organization were smart and kept it pretty much the same. Overall, a really nice jersey.

Columbus Blue Jackets:
There is quite a bit of change to the Blue Jackets jerseys. They kept the patriotic colour scheme but made a drastic change to their logo. Thankfully, the bug logo was not brought back. That was just a silly logo. They also got rid of the "B" with the hockey stick logo. The new logo features a big star and a swish of red and white stripes with a little triangle of blue with little white stars. (I know that is a really bad description, just go look at the jersey). The away jerseys are nice; they have a good balance of white and blue. The home jerseys have too much blue and could use some more white. Overall, I think they are an upgrade over last years' jerseys.

Detroit Redwings:
Once again, a jersey with next to no change. Actually, there seems to be no changes made, but that is ok. Think many agree that the Original 6 teams should keep their jerseys the same. Overall, nice, classic jerseys.

Nashville Predators:
There are some slight changes to the Predators jerseys. The away jerseys no longer have the yellow strip that goes across the bottom that angle upwards. This has been replaced by yellow piping down the torso. The away jerseys have the same design but with the white and blue sections being reversed. However, they don't look as good as the home jerseys. Once again, it may be the picture, but the silver is so light that the away jersey might as well be all white. If the silver was darker, both jerseys would look a lot better. At least they added the dual-coloured collars and used the sideways facing "predator" instead of the more face-on "predator". No baby-poop mustard jersey either, which gets a thumbs up from me. Overall, the home jerseys are nice but the away jerseys are on the boring side.

St. Louis Blues:
On a quick glance, the Blues jerseys are quite similar. The stripes at the bottom of the jerseys are gone, as is the yellow stripes on the arms. Instead, they feature yellow piping down the torso. The lighter blue seems to be brighter, but that could be the picture again. If that blue is really that bright, it is too baby blue for me. The Blues jerseys, especially the home ones were one of my favourites, but I think they have taken a step back. Overall, they are still nice, but I'm slightly disappointed.

The Central division features nice jerseys for the most part, or at least, doesn't feature any hideously ugly ones. The Hawks and Wings kept their jerseys the same (again, props to the Original 6 teams for sticking with their classic designs). The Jackets have taken a step forward, whereas the Predators and Blues have taken a step back. For those of you who just can't wait.. my next blog features the Southeast division.

*Please tell me what you think!
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September 24, 2007 5:36 PM ET | Delete
I've been told the Blues sweaters will grow on me in time. I'm still waitin'....The yellow "tombstone" look on the Home sweater is just too distracting.
September 24, 2007 5:39 PM ET | Delete
Eh... The blues sweaters are just too darned busy. they don't look awful, but the do look pretty over designed.By the way, on the Columbus logo- that's the flag of Ohio. or more accurately, the pennant of Ohio...
September 24, 2007 6:21 PM ET | Delete
Ok.. shows how much I know about the States.
September 25, 2007 8:55 AM ET | Delete
From what I've heard, the only change the Wings have made is that, due to the layout of the new jerseys, the "A" and "C" will now appear on the right side, rather than the left.Nice work, yet again.
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