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The rest of the NHL teams are about to start their regular season. Hockey is starting tomorrow! So, I decide to get this last blog out of the way so I can focus on enjoying the game we all love. My previous blogs:


And, now on to the Pacific division.

Anaheim Ducks:
The Stanley Cup winning Ducks new jerseys have a colour scheme that is on the bland side with the majority of the jersey being either white or black with some beige and a little bit of orange. I’m not a fan of having the logo being just “Ducks”. Also, it looks like they have the Nike swish that the Senators’ old home jersey use to have. I prefer the away jerseys slightly over the home jerseys. The home jersey just has so much black it's overwhelming. They are still an improvement over the old Disney Mighty Ducks jerseys; they at least look more professional. Overall, a very boring set of jerseys but not the worst jersey (those are coming up)…

Dallas Stars:
Somehow the Stars accomplished keeping the same colours and logo but changed their jerseys drastically. The away jersey is pretty bland featuring a lot of white with very little green and yellow. Like that the logo is the same but don’t like the stripes at the elbow. Now, the home jerseys.. I think these are REALLY ugly. It is so boring; just having “Dallas” and no logo on the front? Weird. It’s really dark with it being mostly green with little white and yellow. Has the same style of stripes at the elbow as the away jerseys that I don’t like. They look like football jerseys, especially with the numbers on the stomach. Is this a joke and this is really the Dallas Cowboys new jerseys? The Stars home jersey is definitely one of the worst jerseys in the league, IMO. At least they didn't bring back the mooooooooterus jersey. Overall, I don’t like these jerseys at all but I do like the away ones better than the home ones (at least they have the Stars logo).

LA Kings:
The Kings didn't make many changes to their jerseys. I guess the only change that could be deemed major is they took away the stripes at the bottom of the torso. I think they should have kept them. Even with "Los Angeles" scrawled across the bottom, the jerseys are slightly plain and the stripe would have looked really nice. Personally, I liked the purple, but I don't think too many agree with me. Overall, the Kings jerseys are nice.

Phoenix Coyotes:
The Coyotes kept the same colours, and logo, making only slight changes to their jerseys. I was never a fan of the burgundy and it is presence in overwhelming quantity in the home jersey; they should have added more white into the design. They also should have kept the stripes at the bottom of the jerseys on both the home and away editions. They added the retro laces at the collar, so that's good. I'm just glad they didn't go back to the crazy hockey-playing coyote jersey. Overall, the Coyotes jerseys still get the "meh" rating from me.

San Jose Sharks:
Like the Lightning, the Sharks also tried to make their new logo an edgier version of their old one. Like the Lightning, I don't think they quite pulled it off. The addition of the orange has me confused. Like the teal doesn't make the jerseys bright enough…? Also, I don't like the stripes on the arms and torso, on the away jerseys especially. I really don't like the way the orange and teal look beside each other. Overall, not my favourite jerseys.

The Pacific division features some of the most disappointing jerseys in the league. It features some really boring designs (Ducks, Stars and Coyotes). The best jerseys in this division are the Kings jerseys and they aren't spectacular unless compared to some of the other jerseys.

Some overall thoughts on all the jerseys. The jerseys seem to suffer when there is too much of one colour (especially white or black). Many jerseys also look too plain because they took away the stripes at the bottom of the jerseys. On the positive side, some of the plain jerseys look better in game action when the players are actually moving. Also, the addition of the numbers/names/A's/C's help in the regard for the most part. For the most part, the best jerseys are the ones that stayed the same, for example, the Bruins, Wings, Hawks, etc.

*Tell me what you think! And enjoy the "start" of the regular season!
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October 2, 2007 11:08 AM ET | Delete
Enjoyed the series, V. IMHO, this is the darkest er a of pro sports uniforms, but with notable exceptions.
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