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A call to suspend Subban

Posted 2:21 PM ET | Comments 2
By now, in the myriad of news articles and videos; we can all see the damage done and we'll all fall on one side of the fence or another.

Here's an idea: Suspend Subban - not the league, but the team.

Sure, it's a little bit of a wild notion but it might help clear the air, focus on hockey and show the Senators just how strong the Habs are.

1) The Habs are very deep on defense. There's a potential 9 players to fill the 6 positions available. Sergei Gonchar could slide in to that 3,4 hole easily enough. Greg Pateryn could slide into the 5,6 hole.

2) The Senators won't know how to respond, "uhh...hey coach - who do I slash now?" It deflates their rage immediately. It makes the coach and GM take notice - was it respect? Did they throw us off the game plan? The mental games, in my opinion, is what elevates their game. They used it in 2013 and couldn't wait to use it again.

3) The habs have learned to play without Pacioretty. They played without Subban last night. We don't need the risk of playing without Price. Don't put the players in danger of something stupid. Chris Neil will officially be playing in game 2.

PK is a beast. The habs need him, especially for a playoff run but we don't need any bad problems to happen in the run to the finals either.

Just an idea
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you must be high...what a ridiculous thought.
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