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"Here we Go Again...."
AB • Canada •
Its only been a few days since Mr. Chabot joined the world of the unemployed, but am I the only one who can see a difference already? Watching the Oilers goaltending over the last two games, I have noticed a few things that really stand out. First off, the focus on the play is better than I have seen it all year. Both Fasth and Scrivens seem to have a renewed faith in their abilities to follow the play. Secondly, and this is the most important, is the fight. Throughout the season, both of the Oils goalies seemed to have made the first save, and then failed to keep the rebounds in, or make the second save. I watched Scrivens on many occasions use his body to push the puck back out into play by lunging forwards at it, which resulted in a tremendous amount of giveaways, and eventually goals. They goalies are battling now, and over the last two games, they have given the team every opportunity to win. Last night in St. Louis would have been a blowout if not for the play of Mr. Scrivens. This is a true story.....if both of the goalies could play this way CONSISTENTLY, we may have a chance to climb out of the basement. The key word is consistently. The Oilers D is awful. Its not secret and its no surprise to hear someone say it. Nikita Nikittin is the poster boy for lazy; a floater, as Ive said previously. He's slow, and is positionally retarded, for a lack of better terms. Im not going to say that I cant believe the Oilers signed this guy to the contract they did, because nothing they do makes sense lately, but I would seriously consider waiving this guy and just playing Klefbom. Honestly, would it really be worse than what we've got now. Hell, I'd even play Aulie over Nikittin. There would be no fear of someone claiming Nik off of waivers with his ridiculous contract and awful play this year. Bury him in the minors, like they did with Sheldon Souray....what have they got to lose?rnrnDoes anyone else see the level of frustration growing in Taylor Hall? Every time the opposition scores, or the Oil lose another game, the camera shifts to Hall. One has to start to wonder if he is reaching his breaking point with the team. He backed the coach earlier this week, and said Eakins isn't the problem. He said it starts with the guys on the ice. Im curious though, if he's had enough of the management....could be interesting to watch. If Eberle is traded, perhaps Hall may ask to leave?
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