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"Here we Go Again...."
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Oil Fans No More....

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Personally, I have seen enough. I am positive that I am not the only one in Oilers Land that feels this way. For myself, I have followed this team since I was 5 years old...29 years. I remember the days of Gretzky, Kurri, Messier, and yes even Kevin Lowe. I remember the "lesser" teams, if you'd like to call them that, of Jason Arnott, Doug Weight, and Curtis Joseph. I have watched this team struggle before, but never have I seen such an unorganized and chaotic bunch of individuals, and I mean this from the ice all the way up to the top. rnrnWe are supposedly building this team around a few young talented men; Taylor Hall, RNH, Jordan Eberle, and Justin Schultz. Im going to join all of the other armchair GMs in the world and point out that this....this isn't working. The core isn't a core unless there is success. Im confused as to why we are building a team that is centered around failure. What we see is what we get; the odd flash of brilliance. A sweet pass from Eberle to Hall, back to RNH for a goal to "get them back in it." We're never really "in it." This team has failed and not only because of the management, which is a whole other blog in itself, but because now we are lazy. Exempt a few players that we have from that comment; Ference, Hall, RNH, Hendericks. For the most part, I have never in my life seen a team so full of floaters get paid to do what they do. Its no wonder a guy like Benoit Pouliot has played for a new team almost every year of his career. Nikita Nikkitin.....I don't even know where to start. Justin Schultz....ugh....who calls this guy an offensive defenseman? Perhaps he is, but always for our opponents, when he is giving pucks away and sending them in on breakaways or odd man rushes. The return on this guy would be marginal at best, and that's being polite. rnrnThere is no sense in running down the whole list of players and what they are doing wrong. Its so redundant. So is watching this team lose. I hate bandwagon fans, and I have never been one. I've stuck with this team since I was just a young boy. I am ready to jump off of the Oilers bus however, and not because theyre bad, but because nobody that can ACTUALLLY change anything, will change anything. As long as the seats are filled, and there is money coming in, nothing will change. Don't believe the hype. There is no real fix coming. There are no bold moves. Any trade MacT makes will be an insult as far as what is coming back this way. I hate to say it, but the Flames have got it right. I really hate saying that. I would never ever be a Flames fan, don't misunderstand me, but what they play is real passionate hockey, and you can see their desire to win and work hard....every night. What a shame. My storied hockey team is an embarrassment to the League, and sports in general....what a shame.....
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Nikitin*Jesus, research.
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Only embarassment is this blog...
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