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"Here we Go Again...."
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The Trade Deadline.....

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Rumors, rumors.....rumors galore! For those of you that haven't figured it out yet.....that's all they are. Smoke. No fire. Lets start with a guy like Taylor Hall. He plays like a bull in a china shop. Good player? You know he is. Reckless, Yup. Uncoachable? Nobody really knows. Nobody would really say until after he was traded....if he was traded. What are you going to get in return for a player like Taylor? A number one goalie? Hes worth that. Cant see many teams giving up a number one goalie to anyone these days though. Hey wait, dont we have a number one goalie? Not yet. We have supposed could be number one goalies who sat back up to true number one goalies. Complete bust. Fasth is awful. Sure, Scrivens has the odd game where you think..."just maybe.....", but eventually he falls back to his ways and looks like post-puck-in-the-head Tommy Salo. A one for one trade involving Hall isn't going to bring anyone back this way that's going to make an impact immediately. We're not going to get a Lucic for Hall, or a Seguin for Hall (irony). In Edmonton, we are used to seeing mediocre returns for good players.....Trying to think of the last time we got a mediocre player for anyone..............Well I like Derek Roy, but I can only imagine that he will up his value during his time in E-town and move on. Taylor Hall isn't going anywhere, is the point. The reason is simple. Yes, hes great, but Oilers brass, im sure, have overvalued him and theres not a team in the league that's gonna over pay with assets or players for Mr. Hall when everyone knows that his career will be shortened by his own style of play. Reckless. I love his style of play, don't get me wrong. Its exciting, and its fun to watch, but hes his own worst enemy. True story. Nuge isn't going anywhere. RNH is awesome. Lowe would be crucified if he got rid of RNH. You'll see Hall and Eberle traded long before RNH leaves town. The Nuge is the core of the core, who on another note is very Glen Anderson like coming off the wing the way he does....Petry is gone. Cant wait to see the underdeveloped late draft pick we get for him!! Eberle......Hmmm....maybe. If he goes, Im imagining Philadelphia for someone who is underachieving and will underachieve more just to get traded and away from Oilers management. Pouliot....Hes still a floater in my mind. Lazy. Nobodys going to take that contract. Purcell- who cares? Nikitin- Hahahahaha! Schultz- Id love to see him develop because as much as I complain about this guy sometimes, hes one of my favorite Oilers......Yakupov..............on the fence. The return for him would be marginal at best right now. I know it. You know it. He knows it. Yakupov wasn't NHL ready. He was way underdeveloped and we're seeing it now. He could be awesome too, but still not NHL ready, on most nights in my mind. Im not dumping on the Oil. I love this team. The management is awful, and this is the by product of a GM who has job stability no matter what the circumstance, and an owner whose hair is in the way of his ears purposely, so that he doesn't have to hear the masses. Todd Nelson, in my opinion will be here to stay. Hes got a good system and the guys are learning it, but it wont be enough to ever turn this particular group around because if you watch, there is no CHEMISTRY!! If theres no chemistry, there is no team. That's a fact. So......rebuilding we go!! Again! There you are folks......trash away at my blog!!
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so......... you dont see any trades coming?
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