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Confidence or Cockiness

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The sweep of the Atlanta Thrashers has been completed. New York Rangers move on to the second round and the Garden Faithful can rejoice..... For now.

The Rangers played an Atlanta team who didn't seem nearly as prepared as they should of been. Don't get me wrong. Rangers played a great series. They moved the puck well, they forechecked, they backchecked, they shot the puck, they got a great defensive effort, they didn't take bad penalties, which for this team at times this year was asking alot.

However the battles aren't done yet. This was a very important series because it is going to give the Rangers plenty of confidence. However, Renney needs to keep this team focused. There's a lot of young talent out there who might be alittle quick to think they are unbeatable. Renney needs to keep this team in line. Second round appears to be none other than the Buffalo Sabers. Not an easy team to play against.

Don't get me wrong fans. I am as big a Rangers fan as the next guy, but this team needs to stay focused. They were streaky during the season and the second round will prove much tougher. Atlanta (with the exception of game 3) played well against the Rangers. They spent time trying to throw off the Rangers game instead of playing theirs. Note this will not be a mistake that Buffalo makes. They come hard and they come fast. So let's hope the team can keep up with what has been so successful for them thus far.

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April 19, 2007 4:34 PM ET | Delete
there are upsides and downsides to winning in a sweep. on one hand you get more rest, on the other you might lose your intensity. I wonder what team's who sweep the first round's record is in the second?
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